Prevention And Monitoring Of Traffic Congestion Using I-GPSR In VANET
Abstract— Vehicular ad-network (VANETs) have a higher potential to improve road safety and increase passenger convenience in vehicles. To create scalable, efficient and safe frame work for managing the traffic autonomous vehicles at the intersections. Improved GPSR protocol will provide a increase in throughput and packet delivery ratio (PDR) due to the process of determining its nearest path to the destination. The delay has been sufficiently reduced to prevent the traffic in the network. Network congestion is prevented by the use of I-GPSR routing protocol. Improved GPSR Routing Protocol is used in order to provide high speed notification to the source node. We have simulated the scenario using the NS2 (Network Simulator). The performance metrics such as throughput, delay, packet delivery ratio are considered in our analysis.
Index Terms— GPSR, I-GPSR, NS2, VANET, PDR (Packet Delivery Ratio).
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