Enhance Quality Of Service Using Priority Based Multi Sencar In Wireless Sensor Network
Abstract— Due to limited energy recourses and high energy efficiency for mobile data collection in wireless sensor network. which implement three layer framework sensor layer, cluster head layer, mobile collector(called Sencar )layer. This framework employs distributed load balanced clustering and dual data uploading. The sensor nodes self organize themselves into cluster .The sensor layer sends data into multiple cluster heads in each cluster to balance the work load. Then which enables two cluster heads to simultaneously upload data to mobile collector b using multi user multi input multi output(MU-MIMO)technique. But The three layer structure of the network provides collision to the sink because of two cluster heads in the network. The usage of two cluster head reduces the efficiency. The usage of two cluster head provides only 60% efficiency. In Wireless Sensor Network are usually unattended and without tamper resistant hardware they are highly susceptible to such attacks. Ascertaining trustworthiness of data and reputation of sensor nodes is crucial for Wireless Sensor Network. So which implement the four layer structure it resembles like Fishbone structure. The four layer framework consist sensor layer, cluster head layer, aggregator layer,sencar layer. The effective use of this structure is only one cluster head is there to connect the various sensor nodes which will reduce the collision. The mobile node will take the undefined path and communicate with the sink when any nodes get damaged. For effective transmission the cluster head handles the sensor nodes based on the priority. Thus, the sink can be saved with its energy by reducing the repeated information. This gives 80% efficiency and takes 18% shorter data collection time which further saves the lifetime of the nodes.
Index Terms— Wireless Sensor Network, Clustering, MIMO.
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