Computer Aided Emergency Service System
Abstract -Blood Donation and Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) are crucial for saving people’s lives. Blood banks suffer frequent shortage of blood; hence, advertisements are frequently seen on social networks urging healthy individuals to donate blood for patients who urgently require blood transfusion. The Computer Aided Emergency Service System (CAESS) is a web application which allows the user to search donors of specific blood group based on their location, in a short period of time. This system not only display the list of donors but also facilitated with tracking the location of the nearby donors and providing SMS alerts to them, so that the patient can be served with blood soon. If no nearby donors are found, the user can make use of the hyperlinks of other nearby blood banks, which helps the user to search donors. In order to donate blood through the portal, one has to register himself by providing all the required details. These details must be valid and true so that they can be tracked at the time of emergency. Once all the details are approved by the Admin, the donor will be added to the list of registered donors. GPS module is included in order to locate the donors. Thus, the CAESS is readily scalable,efficient and adaptable to meet the complex need ofblood bank who is key facilitators for the healthcaresector. Also this system achieves high productivity when compared with other similar systems. Hence the life at threat can be saved quickly.
Index Terms – Blood donor search, computerized search for blood donors, Emergency System, GPS tracking, SMS notification.
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