Survey On Sewage Maintanance System
Abstract—The advancement in the field of robotics have created automation in all the fields. It helps to solve many practical problems that the human encounters in day-to-day activities. But, even today manual scavenging of corporation sewage is practiced in urban areas of India, where a man is supposed to enter in to the manhole to clean the clots that restricts the flow of water in the sewage pipe line without using any equipment. This might be a death causing practice for those person who are involved in this job. The concept of using automation came out of the realm of the virtual for the betterment of human’s life. Most of the municipalities in world runs sewers will be different in the length and cross sectional area. A prototype of the manipulator has been developed based on the working environment i.e, various instruction that robot has to do once it enters in to the manhole. It consist of various links and joints. The joints are drive through the various motors.
Index Terms— Minimum Arm system, Alert system, Gas identification sensor.
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