Replacement of DC to DC and DC to AC Converter by Hybrid Converter to Obtain AC and DC Outputs
Abstract – In our paper, a method of using hybrid converter has been implemented. In the existing system, two stage approaches has been used. This two stage approach is both dc –dc converter and dc – ac Converter. This type of converters mentioned above has been used in the earlier stages, but the drawbacks that can be seen is increased cost and complexity. The proposed method mainly uses boost derived hybrid converter (BDHC) topology. This type of topology has the main advantage of high reliability and better power processing density. The proposed system is replaced by a controlled switch of single switch boost converter with a voltage source inverter bridge network. This proposed converter requires lesser number of switches which means it provides both dc and ac outputs with high reliability. This type of proposed converter will simultaneously supply both dc and ac outputs, but only using a single dc source as input. The proposed system is initially implemented with the help of simulation module. This simulation module consists of main module and the subsystem module. This main module consists of the subsystem module. This subsystem module is called as pulse width modulation (PWM) technique which is considered as the main part in the proposed system. This simulation module is implemented with the help of matrix laboratory (MATLAB) software which is used to verify the results of the boost derived hybrid converter.
Index Terms— Boost derived hybrid converter (BDHC), dc – dc converter, dc – ac converter, pulse width modulation (PWM), matrix laboratory (MATLAB)
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