Control of Braking System by Using UART and PIC Microcontroller
Abstract- The main purpose of present Automobiles is being developed by more of electrical parts for efficient operation. Generally a vehicle was manufactured with an analog driver-vehicle interface for indicating various vehicle statuses like speed, fuel level, Engine temperature etc., This work presents the development and implementation of a digital driving system for a semi-autonomous vehicle to improve the efficiency of driver-vehicle interface. It uses a PIC based data acquisition system that uses ADC to control data from analog to digital format and visualize through LCD. This work focuses the development of distance measurement by using Ultrasonic sensors which denotes that vehicle’s position from obstacles. The vehicle detects the speed breaker and also some primary zones before certain limitation by tags using UART module for introducing the new invention of priority based Intelligent Braking System (IBS).
Index Terms—IBS, LCD, PIC, ADC, UART
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