Detecting the MAC Selfish Node Using Collaborative Contact Based Watchdog Method (COCOWA)
Abstract- In Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) assume that mobile nodes voluntary cooperate in order to work properly. This cooperation based cost-intensive activity and some nodes refuse to cooperate, leading to selfish node behavior. The overall network performance will be seriously affected. Thus use of watchdogs is a well-known mechanism to detect selfish nodes. Therefore the detection process performed by the watchdogs can fail, generating false positives and false negatives that leads to wrong operations. Moreover, relying on the local watchdogs alone can lead to a poor performance when detecting selfish nodes, in provisions of speed and accuracy. In ad hoc network, the selfish nodes deviating from the standard MAC (Medium Access Control) protocol can significantly degrade the normal nodes’ performance and it is difficult to detect. In this paper, we propose the detection and defense schemes to identify and protect against MAC-layer selfish misbehavior, respectively, in IEEE 802.11 multi-hop ad hoc networks.
Index Terms— EEE 802.11, COCOWA Method, Content based Watchdog method
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