Service Restoration in IEEE 30 Bus System by Utilizing Evolutionary Programming and Trapezoidal Function to tackle unsupplied Customers
Power flow analysis is the backbone of power system analysis and design. The existing works in the power system have to prevent the failure of the system due to unforeseen conditions to guarantee the security of the system. To address this problem, we propose a modernist method for System Reconfiguration and Fault Restoration of IEEE 30 bus system. This proposed technique, used for governing relative errors simultaneously is based upon Evolutionary programming and Fuzzy Trapezoidal member ship function. Moreover, to tackle the work of faulty one, we efficiently choose an alternate Transformer from the available work group, which minimizes the total number of service breakage problem. The results of the proposed technique are efficient in the IEEE 30 bus network model this revealed by distributed power flow.
Index Terms-Evolutionary Programming, Fuzzy trapezoidal Membership Function, Triangular fuzzy trapezoidal membership function, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Document Management System (DMS), Distribution System Operator (DSO), optimal DG placement (ODGP), ordinal optimization (OO).
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