Design and Analysis of Voice Activated Robotic Arm
This paper mainly focuses on the design considerations and force analysis of the robotic arm by voice commands. The dynamic analysis includes both flexible and rigid dynamics. Forward and Inverse kinematics is used to find the orientation and the joint angles of the robotic arm. Arduino microcontroller program is used to actuate the robotic arm and it is done using the embedded c program. Stress, strain and the total travel of the robotic arm is found by using flexible analysis .The total acceleration, velocity has been found by the rigid dynamic analysis. Design consideration is done for worm gear, DC motor and for the gripper links. Stress –strain graph has been plot to find the ultimate strength of the robotic arm. The total weight of the load to be picked is 5 kg and the joint angles taken are 450 and 600. Modeling of the robotic arm is done by CATIA .Flexible and Rigid dynamic analysis is done by using ANSYS WORKBENCH 14.0.
Index Terms—Embedded C, Flexible and Rigid Analysis, CATIA, ANSYS
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