Soil Analysis based on Embedded System
Abstract- By the application of engineering towards agricultural fields, a cost effective soil analyzing method can be developed with quick and reliable embedded system which is used to analyze various soil nutrients. Agriculture productivity mainly depends on soil quality which is dependent on plentiful factors such as soil texture, soil water holding capacity, pH value of the soil, conductivity and nutrients availability of the soil. Here the soil pH value, temperature and the EC value are measured which gives a lot of information about the physical and chemical properties of the soil. In this work a microcontroller based system is developed to measure these three parameters of the soil. The signal conditioning is done by the signal conditioning cards which receives the signals from the sensors and they are interfaced to microcontroller through inbuilt ADC. Digital readout is used to display the computed results in LCD and further these results of the soil analysis are conveyed to farmers over mobile phones using GSM technology.
Index Terms—Embedded system, pH value, Electrical conductivity, microcontroller, sensors, signal conditioning cards, ADC, LCD, GSM technology.
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