Performance evaluation of network on chip using data encoding for reducing energy consumption
Abstract - As technology shrinks, the power dissipated by the links of a Network-on-Chip (NoC) starts to compete with the power dissipated by the other elements of the communication subsystem, namely, the routers and the Network Interfaces (NIs).We present a set of data encoding schemes aimed at reducing the power dissipated by the links of a NoC. The proposed schemes are general and transparent with respect to the underlying NoC fabric (i.e., their application does not require any modification of the routers and link architecture). Experiments carried out on both synthetic and real traffic scenarios show the effectiveness of the proposed schemes, which allow to save up to 51% of power dissipation and 14% of energy consumption without any significant performance degradation and with less than 15% area overhead in the NIs. By deducing the right encoding schemes the switching activity while transmitting the data over the chips will be reduced and hence the power dissipation is reduced. These proposed techniques could be used in the network routers for the evaluation of all the energy and the power consumption related architecture for the real time implementation.
Index Terms-Data encoding, Network On chip, Quality of service, Router.
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