Priority Based Group Handover Scheme in Multiaccess Network
Abstract—In the current era of Telecommunication industry data transfer via wireless technology is widely used compared to the conventional wired connection. Though the big wigs in Communication industry is striving hard to increase the speed of the data transfer and also to cater the needs of additional volume, there are issues still unattended like the interruption of services for customers using the data transfer service & on move. Here the proposed solution would optimize the usage of different sources of wireless service to enable a break-free communication while the customer’s geographical location is dynamically changing. Groups of users in large vehicles moving along approximate straight ways usually need to perform handovers more frequently, and this drastically increases system overhead. The different service connections with group mobility require an adequate handover scheme to guarantee the quality of service. In the proposed system, new handover scheme were discussed to reduce handover dropping probability in which the customer’s handover request to the next available base station would be validated and if base station handover fails, instead of dropping the connection it will try to allocate the next available data source like a public Wi-Fi to continue the usage until the bandwidth is made available and obviously it is necessary to give priority to the customers in the queue. And in this system highest priority is given to the customer attempting the data transfer than the ideal customer.
Index Terms— Bandwidth,Data transfer,Group handover,Handover dropping probability,Handoff Priority.
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