Bat Algorithm on Sonographic Human Detection
Abstract - Our project is mainly focused in rescue human resources from the disasters. It is an implementation of bat algorithm technique which encrypts the echolocation proposal. The Microchiroptera is a kind of bat, which emits a loud sound that travels out into the environment until it hits something. When the sound hits and some is reflected back as an echo. The bat can hear the echo and use that to gain knowledge about obstacle like how long it is and its approximate size and shape. This helps these kind of bats to capture the insects by hunting them down like a radar-guided missile. Likewise, we have implemented the military aircraft with the ultrasonic transducers for rescue purpose. By the use of concave acoustic lens on the surface of transducer, the beam can be narrowed at a predetermined distance from the transducer location. The narrowest point of beam is the focal point or focal zone and it is the point of greatest intensity with the achievement of best lateral resolution. Thus we present the imaging results showing that the proposed system effectively identify the human resources who were in water disaster.
Index terms -Bat algorithm, Concave acoustic lens, Echolocation, Focal zone, Microchiroptera, Ultrasonic Transducers.
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