Dual-Axis Solar Tracker in Robotic Vehicle for Optimal Battery Charging
Abstract- This project focuses on the design and construction of an optimization charging system for batteries by means of tracked solar panels. Thus, the implementation of a complete energy management system applied to a robotic exploration vehicle is put forward in this project ?Dual-Axis Solar Tracker in Robotic Vehicle for Optimal Battery Charging?. The need for mobile robotic platforms is driven by the limitation of available power. It is commanded to collects, stores, monitors and controls its attitudes and navigation; actively manages its power and it‘s working. Its attitudes are referred to tilting of the solar panel and alternative use of batteries. So according to this concept, our proposal makes a twofold significant contribution. The first significant is, it presents the construction of a solar tracking mechanism aimed at increasing the robot‘s power regardless of its mobility. The other significant is, it proposes an alternative design of power system performance based on a pack of two batteries. This robotic vehicle aims to improve various aspects of the aforementioned robot with scientific and academic purposes. The aim is to obtain the maximum energy from the solar panel by tilting the panel towards highest intensity where it gains the highest intensity of light and charging the two batteries. By completing the process of charging a battery independently while the other battery provides all the energy consumed by the robotic vehicle.
Index Terms- Optimization charging system, Solar Tracker, Highest intensity of light, Dual-Axis, Pack of two batteries.
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