PC based load sensing system for industries using Zigbee
Abstract---Contineous development of communication technologies like data transferring and receiving is done through transmitter and receiver, GSM, mobile etc..which are providing the wireless communication. In the industries especially in the process industries like foundry, steel plant, cement plant etc.. are using cable communication through MAX232 for transferring the weighing data from one place to other place. Because of the MAX232 cable communication the data can be restricted to transfer about 25 M and more over the possibility of damage of the communication cable is very high and it gives the discontinuity of data transferring which leads to shutdown of the plant. When power cable is running over or closer to communication cable which will interference the communication data. To overcome the problems in the cable communication of digital weighing data, communication can be adopted using Zigbee.
Index Terms—ARM 7(LPC2148), MAX 232, Load Sensor, Zigbee, PC.
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