Analysis of the LLC Resonant Converter Operating at Constant Switching Frequency by Interleaving Technique Using SCC
Abstract— The LLC resonant converter operating at a constant switching frequency by interleaving technique has been analyzed using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The LLC resonant converter has the advantages of higher efficiency, higher power density, and lower cost. It can be operated at no load conditions and at resonance for nominal input voltage. The load sharing problem of the LLC resonant converter has been overcome by SCC (Switch Controlled Capacitor). In interleaving technique, the LLC resonant converter operates at all stages at the same switching frequency for the purpose of current ripple cancellation. It has been proposed to reduce the switching losses and voltage ripple by using a PI filter.
Index Terms— Switch-controlled capacitor (SCC), LLC resonant converter, MATLAB/SIMULINK, PMDC motor, PI filter.
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