Segmentation and Depth Analysis in Skin Lesions Using Seam Carving Method
Abstract - Cancer is termed as an unwanted growth of cells. Skin cancer is a type of cancer which should be found at earlier stages. But many people think the skin lesion as a normal lesion which may lead to death. So it is necessary to found the skin cancer as soon as possible. Skin cancer may be of melanoma and non-melanoma. The skin cancer arise due to the high melanin pigmentation or UV radiation which directly attack the DNA. The lesion segmentation algorithm is utilized to segment the skin lesion. The image is preprocessed using the wiener filter. Many lesions that is present will be smaller than 6mm in diameter. By introverting the various layers of skin the depth of skin lesion can be figured out in 3D view and automatically segmenting the lesion using lesion segmentation algorithm in a input image which is taken from the standard still camera. 3D volume reconstruction can be done to analyze the skin depth result. The depth of skin can be founded out in millimeter. Seam carving technique is used to get the exact position of the skin lesion in the input image. The severity analysis is done and classified as low, middle, high.
Index Terms - Melanoma, segmentation, skin cancer, Segmentation.
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