Design And Analysis Of Bent-Tube Lugs For Super Critical Boilers By Using ANSYS
Abstract— In Large power stations, lugs are used to transfer huge loads from the boiler to the ceiling structure. These lugs are circumferential and longitudinal type lugs which are welded on headers and the other one is bent-tube lugs which are welded on the bent-tubes. These lugs are made up of carbon steel or alloy steel material. The bent tube lug thickness vary from 6mm to 20 mm. The load is carried from 100kg to 20MT.The design of these lugs are done as per ASME (American society of Mechanical Engineers) Boiler and pressure vessel code-section-I (power boiler). The design involves checking the stresses in the lugs, welds and tube. Since these lugs are operating at high temperatures and are subjected to creep, a finite element analysis will be carried out to check the stresses in the Lugs and it will be compared with code allowable stress values. As the cycle time available for the boiler design and construction is reducing in the recent trends. Standardization of boiler components are taken up on priority. In this project work standardization of bent tube support, lug using a computer program is to be developed and the same to be used for preparation of the component drawing for manufacturing.
Index Terms—Supercritical boiler, Bent tube support, lugs, welds, steel material.
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