Bar Code Extraction from Imprecise Images using LDA algorithm
Abstract - In the rising market of camera phones, novel applications for the visually impaired are nowadays being developed thanks to the rising capabilities of these equipments. Surprisingly, even state-of-the-art barcode reading algorithms fail when some of these factors come into play. The proposed framework meets expectations completely in the spatial space, and is equipped for perusing direct standardized tags from low-determination pictures containing extreme OOF blur. This paper treats direct scanner tag checking under the viewpoint of disfigured double waveform investigation and characterization. A controlled graphical model is intended to describe the relationship between the smudged scanner tag waveform and its relating image esteem at any particular obscure level.Under this model, direct scanner tag examining is thrown to discover the ideal state arrangement connected with the distorted scannertag waveform portions. A dynamic programming-based induction calculation is intended to recover the ideal state arrangement,empowering ongoing translating on cell phones of constrained handling force.
Index Terms - Out of focus blur, barcode, dynamic programming, LDA (Linear Discriminate Analysis) Algorithm.
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