Behavior of Plain and Reinforced Concrete Slab with Slot Subjected to Uniaxial Compression
Abstract— In this paper, studies on the behavior of plain and reinforced concrete slab with slot subjected to Uniaxial compression is carried out using the commercially available finite element (FE) tool. Initially, a plain slab with circular hole is modelled with FE tool and the results of stress profile along the directions of X&Y are plotted and the same is compared with available analytical results. Further, parametric study was carried out on plain and reinforced concrete slab with different percentage of reinforcements with full and different depth of partially penetrated rectangular slot with different aspect ratios. A total of 96 models were analyzed, and from the analysis results stress profile was plotted and stress concentration factor was evaluated. Comparison of the results obtained from the parametric studies on the stress field under the influence of the above parameters was studied.
Index Terms— Aspect ratio, Finite Element Analysis, Stress Concentration Factor, Uniaxial compression
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