Behavior of Non Metallic Reinforcement (FRP) In Beam
Abstract— FRP material is used due to their excellent features like high strength to weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, convenience of transportation and installation. Using FRP bar instead of steel bar significantly prevent corrosion in concrete members specifically for seashore concrete structures. In this paper investigations are done to prove the benefits of replacing steel rebar with FRP bars partially in concrete beam. Beams are casted by replacing steel rods by Fiber reinforced polymers like polypropylene and acrylic rods. Main reinforcement was replaced with FRP rod and lateral reinforcement is provided using steel rods. For this study beams were casted with steel reinforcement and beams partially replaced with polypropylene rods and acrylic rods were casted and tested for 28days for curing. The results show that comparing both the FRP rods Polypropylene rods when partially replaced perform well than acrylic rods.
Index Terms-Reinforcements, FRP, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Peak load, Flexural behavior
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