Studies on Modal Parameters for Identification of Damage in Unreinforced Masonry Panel
Abstract— Conservation of historical masonry monuments can be fulfilled by adopting damage detection and structural health monitoring methodologies. These methods are the most efficient processes, due to their non-destructive properties and versatility to study the global structural behavior of a system. Modal Analysis was conducted on an unreinforced masonry (URM) panel. Modal parameters such as frequencies and mode shapes which evaluate the structural integrity of a system were extracted by numerical analysis carried out using the Finite Element tool. Inducing damage in a structure alters its dynamic characteristics such as modal frequency and mode shapes. In the present study the cracks were induced in the masonry panel of varying depth. Modal Analysis was performed after each damage state by varying the geometrical properties of the cracks. Damage indicator parameters such a frequency changes, frequency shift, Modal Assurance Criterion, Normalized Modal Difference, Modal Curvature, Curvature Damage Factor, Modal Strain Energy and flexibility based damage indicator were studied. In this paper, a parametric study was conducted based on the changes in the modal properties of an URM panel.
Index Terms— cracks, damage detection, dynamic response, modal analysis, unreinforced masonry panel
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