Linear Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Shear Wall Building In Different Soil Conditions
Abstract— The main objective of earthquake engineering is to design a structure with a minimal structural damage during the time of earthquakes. In recent days the usage of shearwall has become a vital role in high raised structures, in resisting lateral loads to a great extent. This paper aims towards the analysis of a reinforced concrete G+12 structures with response spectrum method of analysis and linear time history analysis in different soil conditions i.e., hard, medium and soft soils. Pile Foundation system is adopted for present structure. In these paper two regular plans has been developed for analysis purposes , a model without shearwall and a model with shearwall at the corners has been projected. Soil structure interaction is also included for both the structure in reducing the vibrations of structure which may results in increases for base shear, moment and torsion. In reducing the vibrations from the structure a dampers are set to be arranged in piles at a distance of 2 m from bottom, in distributing the vibrations from the structure to the soil and its surroundings. A complete analysis has been done in different soil conditions and earthquake parameters like story displacement, story drift and story shear are being compared in between the two models with shearwall and without shearwalls in different load cases. The residential high rise building is analyzed for seismic forces, analysis is being carried out by using standard package ETABS. Time history responses for the both the models with shear walls are evaluated.
Index Terms—Seismic analysis, Shear wall, Storey shear, Storey displacements, Time history responses.
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