Isolated Bidirectional Half Bridge Dc-Dc Converter With A Flyback Snubber And Two Passive Capacitor-Diode Snubber
Abstract: The Bidirectional Dc–Dc Converters have been widely studied for various Industrial Applications such as Auxiliary Power Supplies, Renewable Energy System, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell-based Dc–Dc Converters, Battery Charged/Discharged Converter and Uninterruptible Power Supplies System. In the Electric Vehicle System, the Energy storage devices and its Charging/Discharging control techniques are necessary. However, these Topologies with Isolated Transformers have High-conduction losses, because the usual number of power switches is between Four and Nine. In order to solve these problems, the Bidirectional Dc Converter is proposed in this paper for Charging and Discharging Batteries that are utilized in Energy systems A Bidirectional Half bridge Dc-Dc Converter provides with an Active Flyback and Passive Capacitor Diode Snubber. It consists of Low and high side switches which can operate near Zero Voltage Switching and Zero Current Switching. Passive and Active Snubbers in the circuit were suggested to reduce the voltage spikes. This Snubber arrangement not only reduce the Voltage spikes but also relieves the drawbacks of high current and high voltage stress inflict on the main switches at both Turn On and Turn Off. It is typically arranged with Boost and Buck type Topologies and it is simulated by using MATLAB SOFTWARE.
Index Terms—Bidirectional DC-DC Converters, Flyback snubber, Passive Capacitor Diode Snubber, Voltage Spikes, Zero Voltage Switching, Zero Current Switching.
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