Microcontroller Harnessed MOSFET Z-Source Matrix Converter
Abstract: The proposed paper introduces a Z Source Matrix converter for buck and boost the output voltage and also with the change in frequency in stepwise manner. It performs direct AC-AC conversion by Pulse width modulation-duty ratio control. In addition, the converter employs a safe-commutation strategy whereas this strategy conduct along a continuous current path, which leads to the elimination of voltage spikes on switches without the need of Snubber circuit.To verify the performance of this converter simulation of the proposed converter was carried out in RL load for 35Vrms/50 Hz using MATLAB software and then the output is verified for 25Hz for asynchronous motor and then the output waveform is performed with unity power factor where the prototype model was performed for v/f speed control of motor.
Index Terms—Duty ratio control,Pulse Width Modulation,,Snubber Circuit, Unity Power Factor , V/F Control,Z-Source Matrix Converter
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