A Novel Progressive Service Integrity Attestation for Scalable Service Clouds
Abstract— Cloud computing has recently emerged as a promising hosting platform that permits multiple cloud users also known as tenants to share a standard physical computing infrastructure. The net has evolved into a vital service delivery infrastructure rather than just providing host property. In this paper, we tend to represent IntTest, verification methodology which will produce sky-high verify the integrity of knowledge process ends up in the cloud infrastructure and pinpoint malicious service suppliers once inconsistent results detected. A unique attestation graph model to capture attestation results among dissimilar cloud nodes. We tend to arrange verification graph study rule to pinpoint malicious service suppliers and acknowledge colluding attack so, our methodology doesn't would like conviction hardware or secure kernel co-existed with third-party service suppliers within the cloud. IntTest will attain improved measurability and better detection accuracy than the progressive methodology.
Index Terms- Cloud Computing, Integrity Attestation.
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