A New Secure Message Transferring in Taxi Service of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Abstract: Taxi service is an important point to point transportation in many cities. One of the major issue have to do with is safety of both the passengers and the taxi drivers. To tackle this problem and to address the certain requirements, we propose a new message transferring scheme for the taxi service. It is based on the theoretical account of the VANET (vehicular Ad-hoc network). Vehicular networks have attracted wide attentions in recent years for their promises. Most of the transmissions in a VANET are via the DSRC wireless interface. For safety purpose the taxi?s OBU uses the pseudo identities instead of real identity for all ongoing transmissions so that a passenger?s travelling route cannot be traced by a third party easily. For communications protocols, our results provide lower message overhead and higher success rate than previous ones. We describe that our schemes are effective in terms of processing delay and message overhead. In detail, our navigation scheme extends to shorter travelling time while our secure taxi service scheme only introduces marginal passenger waiting delay and message overhead.
Index Terms—DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication), OBU (On-Board Unit), VANET(Vehicular Ad Hoc Network), Success Rate, Message Overhead and Waiting delay.
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