An Intelligent Car Controller for Aarhythmias Using Arm Controller
ABSTRACT: We have a tendency towards area unit interfacings an intelligent system within the automobile so as to avoid the accidents as a result of arrhythmias. A heart beat sensing an element is employed to select the signals from the finger and therefore ceaselessly monitor the heartbeat rate. The hardware completed the planning and affiliation of ARM embedded system, GPS module, obstacle testing module, totally different parameter observance sensing element modules and GSM module. Introduce the vehicle location system that uses the ARM microprocessors as an impression unit the combination of GPS LR9548 and GSM TC35 modules, location answer, map-matching and information compress that associates with the positioning. If any vital sign arises abnormality the system activates alarm, slows down the automobile and parks it in an exceedingly safer place parallel. The GPS system won’t to location of the automobile are found which provides the latitude and meridian coordinate values and sent to the relatives through GSM.
Index Terms— Heart Beat device, GPS, GSM, ARM, Intelligent Vehicle
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