Isolation Conserves Multi-Keyword Graded Up Encoded Cloud Data
coAbstract — The Data owner outsources their data to public cloud owing to safety. These data are encoded before they are transferred to the cloud. Cloud user need a different type of data’s from cloud. These data’s must be relevant to the query of the user. Multi keywords are allowed to the user to search the query in cloud. This frame work is called Multi keywords ranked search over encrypted data is MRSE. To capture the relevance data documents to the search query ?coordinate matching principle? is used. ?Inner product similarity? measure is used to evaluate the similar document and used for perfectly matching the query given by the user. Confidential Data stored in the cloud server is encrypted and decrypted by using blowfish algorithm. The Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithm is used to check the integrity of the data stored in the cloud service provider. Message authentication code is created by the data owner before the data uploaded in the cloud server because of confidentiality. The user receives the data from the service provider and decrypts the data by using the decryption key received from the data owner .After that user verifies the message authentication code generated by him with the code generated by the data owner. Experiments on the real-world data set further show proposed schemes indeed introduce low overhead on computation and communication.
Index Terms - Multi keywords, MRSE, co-ordinate matching, blowfish, inner product similarity, message authentication code
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