Development of Trickle Charged Battery to Mobile Phones
Abstract— Mobile phones are being used by almost all the individuals in the world. It is portable and hence it requires a good power supply. The power stored in the batteries last only for few hours and they really don’t provide a better backup in times of need. People find it difficult to charge their batteries when they take up a long journey. Hence an alternative is needed to convert the power consumed and use it to charge the battery. Piezoelectric sensor – a new power conversion sensor provides a way to accomplish this process of charging the battery. The piezoelectric sensors are placed beneath the keypad. It generates mill volt of power when the keypad is pressed and the little power generated is fed to the circuit. The circuit contains a Buck-Boost converter which boosts the small current and feeds the battery with power supply. Hence the battery gets charged easily and rapidly. The micro controller assists the whole process of converting the power consumed and charging the mobile device. Thus people can charge their batteries anywhere and anytime.
Index Terms— Mobile phone, Keypad, Piezoelectric Sensor, Buck-Boost convertor, Battery.
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