Optimizing Data Confidentiality using Integrated Multi Query Services
Abstract — Query services have experienced terribly massive growth within past few years for that reason large usage of services need to balance outsourcing data management to Cloud service providers that provide query services to the client for data owners, therefore data owner needs data confidentiality as well as query privacy to be guaranteed attributable to disloyal behavior of cloud service provider consequently enhancing data confidentiality must not be compromise the query processed performance. It is not significant to provide slow query services as the result of security along with privacy assurance. We propose the random space perturbation data perturbation method to provide secure with kNN(k-nearest-neighbor) range query services for protecting data in the cloud and Frequency Structured R-Tree (FSR-Tree) efficient range query. Our schemes enhance data confidentiality without compromising the FSR-TREE query processing performance that also increases the user experience.
Index Terms — Confidentiality, FSR-Tree, Minimum bounding Region, Range query, Query privacy.
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