Experimental Investigation of Lateral Pressure on Vertical Formwork Systems using Self Compacting Concrete
Abstract— The modeling of pressure distribution of fresh concrete poured in vertical formwork are rather dynamic than complex. Many researchers had worked on the pressure distribution modeling of concrete and formulated empirical relationship factors like formwork height, rate of pour, consistency classes of concrete. However, in the current scenario, most of high rise construction uses self compacting concrete(SCC) which is a special concrete which utilizes not only mineral and chemical admixtures but also varied aggregate proportions and hence modeling pressure distribution of SCC over other concrete in vertical formwork systems is necessitated. This research seeks to bridge the gap between the theoretical formulation of pressure distribution with the actual modeled (scaled) vertical formwork systems. The pressure distribution of SCC in the laboratory will be determined using pressure sensors, modeled and analyzed.
Index Terms— Formwork Systems, Hardening of Concrete, Lateral Pressure, Piezoelectric sensors, Self Compacting Concrete.
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