Study of Eccentrically Braced Outrigger Frame under Seismic Exitation
Abstract ----Outrigger braced structures has efficient structural form consist of a central core, comprising braced frames with horizontal cantilever ”outrigger” trusses or girders connecting the core to the outer column. When the structure is loaded horizontally, vertical plane rotation of the core is restrained by the outriggers through tension in windward column and compression in leeward column. The effective structural depth of the building is greatly increased, thus augmenting the lateral stiffness of the building and reducing the lateral deflections and moments in core. In effect, the outriggers join the columns to the core to make the structure behave as a partly composite cantilever. By providing eccentrically braced system in outrigger frame by varying the size of links and analyzing it. Push over analysis is carried out by varying the link size using computer programs, Sap 2007 to understand their seismic performance. The ductile behavior of eccentrically braced frame is highly desirable for structures subjected to strong ground motion. Maximum stiffness, strength, ductility and energy dissipation capacity are provided by eccentrically braced frame. Studies were conducted on the use of outrigger frame for the high steel building subjected to earthquake load. Braces are designed not to buckle, regardless of the severity of lateral loading on the frame. Thus eccentrically braced frame ensures safety against collapse.
Index term-- Ductile, Outrigger, Eccentrically braced system, Seismic performance, link etc
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