Experimental Evaluation of Electronic Port Fuel Injection System in Four Stroke 125cc SI Engine
Abstract—In Today’s life, the two wheelers is best friend to us because wherever we gowe take it with us. And therefore we are all looking for higher performance and lower emission engines. And now a day, engines are using only carburetor for mixing of fuel and air. So these engines suffer lower operating efficiency, higher fuel consumption and produce higher level of harmful emission. So to overcome this problem,Electronic port fuel injection system is introduced. In this system the fuel injector injects fuel in accordance to need of engine which is measured by the various sensors like speed sensor, crank angle sensor, Lambda sensorand throttle body sensor, etc. And here Electronic Port Fuel Injection System for Four Stroke 125cc SI engine was designed and the Experimental Evaluation had made to investigate the performance parameters and emission parameters of the engine.
Index Terms— Small engine motorcycle, carburetor, Fuelinjection, higher performance, lower emission
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