Color Image Encryption and Decryption Using Multiple Chaotic Maps
Abstract— Owing to advances in communication technology, a bulk of visual digital data is being stored and transmitted over the internet now-a-days. Particularly millions and millions of images transfer through the network per day as per the statistics and a result, the security of image data is an important requirement. Image encryption algorithm is used to provide this security. In this paper, an image encryption algorithm based on confusion diffusion architecture that uses dynamic key space is proposed. An internal key generator is used to generate the initial seeds for the overall encryption scheme is proposed. With these initial seeds logistic map generates pseudo random numbers then these numbers are converted into permutation order for permutation. The diffusion bits are generated in parallel using the logistic map and manipulated with pixels confused. The image pixels are iteratively confused and diffused using permutation order and diffusion bits respectively to produce cipher image in minimum number of rounds. This paper proposes a new kind of initial seed generation that utilizes the combo of logistic and tent maps. Even all external seeds are same. The internal seeds will be totally different. This ensures the key sensitivity. The simulation results and analysis confirm that the satisfactory level of security is achieved in three rounds and overall encryption time is saved.
Index Terms— Confusion Order, permutation, Diffusion, Logistic maps, tent maps
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