Manu’s Employee Estimating Device
Abstract- In the present era of computerization, computation has become a part and parcel of our technological life. Numerous methods have been employed for counting purposes. MANU’S EMPLOYEE ESTIMATING DEVICE, is one of the counting device, which is used to count the number of persons present in an hall or a company. The estimating device was made by using LDR, IC CD4026 and common cathode seven segment display. It works on the principle that when the light falling on an LDR is interrupted the resistance increases which provides a clock pulse to IC CD4026. CD4026 IC is used in the circuit to drive the seven segment display. At this occurrence, LED stops glowing to indicate that someone is entering or exiting the hall. The interrupts are counted and then it is indicated in the seven segment display. The main advantages of this device are low cost, less complexity and efficient performance.
Index Terms- estimating device, interrupts, efficiency, small-scale industries, counter.
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