Secure Data Sharing Algorithm for Data Retrieval in Military Based Networks
Abstract— Mobile knots now armed atmospheres such equally battlefield or aggressive area remain expected toward smart after irregular net connectivity and regular panels. Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN) tools stay attractive positive keys that agree knots toward connect with each other in these dangerous interacting atmospheres.The problem of applying the security mechanisms to DTN introduces several security challenges.Since nearly handlers could modification their related characteristics by approximately argument and reliability of data should be changed otherwise around isolated secrets power remain bargained significant reversal aimed at respectively characteristic is essential in command toward create organisms safe in this research a novel approaches are used to overcome the above mentioned problems called secure data sharing algorithm. This algorithm calculate hash importance aimed at coded documents which is used to check the reliability of encrypted confidential data.
Index Terms— Disruption tolerant network ,Secure data sharing algorithm,Cipher text attribute based encryption,Secure hash function,Key policy attribute based encryption.
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