DSM Based Low Oversampling Using SDR Transmitter
Abstract—The oversampling recruitment is a limiting factor in high frequency application such as software defined radio. This project is a high frequency processing and low oversampling ratio. A single bit semi parallel processing is proposed in this paper. Using this single bit PDSM Architecture, high speed, high complexity computations are executed in parallel. The single bit DSM is to build an RF transmitter that includes a one bit quantifier with two level switching power amplifier for high linearity and high efficiency. Performance analysis by using the MATLAB simulations by reducing the oversampling ratio by same signal to noise ratio. The DSM implemented on field programmable gate array and using a signal code division multiple access signal. This project will give bandwidth of the low oversampled signal increased four times without increasing frequency. Finally they can be achieved signal to noise ratio is very low and also oversampling ratio is small.
Index Terms— Delta sigma modulator, PDSM, SDR, oversampling.
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