Weibull Distribution Based Channel Prototype For Decrease of Rain Attenuation in Satellite Communication Links Beyond 10GHz
Abstract— Current satellite communication networks will workat frequencies above 10GHz for transmission and reception of signals. At these frequency bands, the most prevailing fading mechanism, is rain attenuation. In this paper, a unique channel prototype, a synthesizer for generating rain attenuation time series for satellite links operating at 10GHz and above is offered. The proposed channel prototype modifies M-B model since it generates rain attenuation time series that follow the Weibull distribution. The novel dynamic model is based on the first-order Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs) and deliberates rain attenuation induced on a slant path as a Weibull-based stochastic process. Moreover, the theoretical terminologies for the computation of the exceedance probability of hitting time random variable are presented. The synthesizer is substantiated in terms of the exceedance probability and the speculative CCDF of hitting time comparing to these derived from the simulations in the hitting time section. The hitting time statistics may be engaged for the prime strategy of Fade Mitigation Techniques (FMTs).
Index Terms—Satellite communications, Weibull distribution, stochastic differential equations, hitting time statistics, Brownian motion.
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