Certain Investigations on Security Issues in Smart Grid over Wireless Communication
Abstract— Smart Grid (SG) communication has recently received significant attentions to facilitate intelligent and distributed electric power transmission systems. The advent of the smart grid promises to user in an era that will bring intelligence, efficiency, and optimality to the power grid. Most of these challenges will occur as an Internet-like communications network is super imposed on top of the current power grid using wireless mesh network technologies with the 802.15.4, 802.11 and WiMAX Standards. Each of these will expose the power grid to security threats. Wireless communication offers the benefits of low cost, rapid deployment, shared communication medium, and mobility. It causes many security and privacy challenges. The concept of dynamic secret is applied to design an encryption scheme for smart grid in wireless communication. Between two parties of communication, the previous packets are coded as retransmission sequence, where retransmitted packet is marked as ?1? and the other is marked as ?0?.During the communication, the retransmission sequence is generated at both sides to update the dynamic encryption key. Any missing or misjudging sequence would prevent the adversary from achieving key. A Smart Grid platform is built, employing the ZigBee protocol for wireless communication. The Simulation results show that the retransmission and packet loss in ZigBee communication are inevitable and unpredictable and it is impossible of the adversary to track the updating of dynamic encryption key. Even though the DES scheme can protect the encryption key from attackers, the hackers can obtain the keys some time, due to the block size 64 bits used by DES that makes the adversary (hacker) to hack the data. It introduces vulnerabilities and liner crypt analysis; this can be achieved by using AES scheme. The AES uses 128 bits block size for a single encryption key a data of 256 billion gigabytes can be transmitted thus its provide much more safety to user from hacker and it reduces the end to end delay and increases packet transmission rate.
Index Terms— Analyzing Module (AM), Clonal Rate(CR), Smart Grid(SG), WiMAX, ZIGBEE.
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