Intelligent Workload Management in Virtualized Cloud Environment
Abstract— Cloud computing is a rising high performance computing environment with a huge scale, heterogeneous collection of self-sufficient systems and elastic computational design. To develop the overall performance of cloud computing, through the deadline constraint, a task scheduling replica is traditional for falling the system power utilization of cloud computing and recovering the yield of service providers. To improve the overall act of cloud environment, with the deadline constraint, a task scheduling model is conventional for reducing the system performance time of cloud computing and improving the profit of service providers. In favor of scheduling replica, a solving technique based on multi-objective genetic algorithm (MO-GA) is considered and the study is determined on programming rules, intersect operators, mixture operators and the scheme of arrangement of Pareto solutions. The model is designed based on open source cloud computing simulation platform CloudSim, to obtainable scheduling algorithms, the result shows that the proposed algorithm can obtain an enhanced solution, thus balancing the load for the concert of multiple objects.
Index Terms— Cloud Computing, CloudSim, Deadline, Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm, Task Scheduling.
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