A Secure Cloud Storage System with Data Forwarding using Proxy Re-encryption Scheme
Abstract— Cloud computing provides the facility to access shared resources and common support which contributes services on demand over the network to perform operations that meet changing business needs. A cloud storage system, consisting of a collection of storage servers, affords long-term storage services over the internet. Storing the data in a third party cloud system cause serious concern over data confidentiality, without considering the local infrastructure limitations, the cloud services allow the user to enjoy the cloud applications. As the different users may be working in the collaborative relationship, the data sharing becomes significant to achieve productive benefit during the data accessing. The existing security system only focuses on the authentication; it shows that user’s private data cannot be accessed by the fake users. To address the above cloud storage privacy issue shared authority based privacy-preserving authentication protocol is used. In the SAPA, the shared access authority is achieved by anonymous access request and privacy consideration, attribute based access control allows the user to access their own data fields. To provide the data sharing among the multiple users proxy re-encryption scheme is applied by the cloud server. The privacy-preserving data access authority sharing is attractive for multi-user collaborative cloud applications.
Index Terms— Authentication Protocol, Cloud computing, Privacy Preserving, Shared Authority
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