Surveillance Robot for Military Application Using ARM
Abstract— In the modern day robotics development in many field as too that enrich in military applications also as per that this robot SURVEILLANCE MONITORING ROBOT FOR MILITARY APPLCATION USING ARM monitor the defense area that is in our country borders. It is an forest area and every time commanders were not available in same area they move over different places at that time terrorist can easily enter into our nation. This robot perform main role there that PIR sensor in the robot will send the intimation and danger warning to the control room that unauthorized person entering that time we alert our soldiers to move to that place this operation were control using ARM7 controller. Another important component GPS exactly say which position the robot is now monitoring then it will be easy to soldiers to survey the area soon.And for communicating between control room and robot we are using ZIGBEE.Another one sensor TEMPERATURE SENSOR LM35 is used to monitor temperature in that area that is used to intimate us what is the temperature level in that area if any BOMB BLAST OR FIRE ACCIDENT in that area.
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