ARM Based Climate Controlled Wearable Jacket
Abstract— Thermo-electric (TE) technology is used in both electricity generation and air-conditioning. The Thermo-electric coolers(TEC) uses Peltier effect which converts the electrical energy applied from the ends of the Thermo-electric module into the temperature difference. The main objective of the work is to design a highly reliable and wearable jacket that controls extreme temperatures say working in thermal power plants, within the jacket. The extreme temperatures can be monitored using temperature sensors placed on both sides of the Thermo-electric cooler module and controlled using ARM LPC2148 Microcontroller. In Industries, this jacket provides a more practical and safer solutions for human working under extreme temperatures. Furthermore, this jacket can also be applied as a good warmer one for human beings working in cold regions(say Polar regions).
Index Terms— ARM7 LPC2148 Microcontroller, Heat dissipation, Monitoring and Controlling Temperatures, Peltier effect, Temperature Sensor, Thermo-electric Cooler (TEC) Module, Wearable Jacket.
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