A Fast and Accurate Palmprint Identification System based on Consistency Orientation Pattern
Abstract — A palmprint identification system is a relatively most promising physiological biometric approach to identify the person. The numbers of palmprint recognition based biometric system have been successfully applied for real world access to control applications. A typical palmprint identification system identifies a query palmprint and matching it with the template stored in the database and comparing the similarity score with a pre-defined threshold. The Consistency Orientation Pattern (COP) hashing method is implemented in this work to enforce the fast search and to obtain the accurate result. Orientation pattern (OP) is defined as a collection of orientation features at arbitrary positions. The principal palm line is a kind of evident and stable features in palmprint images, and the orientation features in this region are expected to be more consistent than others. Using the orientation and response features extracted by steerable filter and gives an analysis on the consistency of orientation features, and then introduces a method to construct COP using the consistent features. Those features can be used as the indexes to the target template. Because the COP is very stable across the samples of the same subject, the COP hashing method can find the target template quickly. This method can lead to early termination of the searching process.
Index Terms — Consistency, hashing, orientation pattern, principal palm line, searching and steerable filter.
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