Efficient Design of Higher Order Variable Digital Filter for Multi Modulated Signals
Abstract— The electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis is commonly used technique in clinical examination proposes a method of designing reconfigurable warped digital filter with various low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop responses. The warped filter is obtain by replacing each element interruption of a digital filter with an all exceed filter. It is widely used for various video and audio processing applications. Warped filters require first-order all pass conversion to obtain low-pass and high-pass responses, and by using second-order all pass conversion to obtain variable band-pass and band-stop responses. To overcome this drawback, proposed method combines warped filters with the coefficient decimation technique. In VLSI circuits in order to reduce hardware cost Command Signals Decoder (CSD) based shift-and-add approach is used for multiplication. It offers extensive savings in opening count and power utilization more than other approaches.
Index Terms— Variable Digital Filter, Warped Filter, All Pass Filters, Command Signals Decoder 1 INTRODUCTION Various types of ECG analysis works with biomedical applications
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