Text Categorization Using Improved K Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Abstract— Text categorization is the process of identifying and assigning predefined class to which a document belongs. A wide variety of algorithms are currently available to perform the text categorization. Among them, K-Nearest Neighbor text classifier is the most commonly used one. It is used to test the degree of similarity between documents and k training data, thereby determining the category of test documents. In this paper, an improved K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm for text categorization is proposed. In this method, the text is categorized into different classes based on K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm and constrained one-pass clustering, which provides an effective strategy for categorizing the text. This improves the efficiency of K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm by generating the classification model. The text classification using K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm has a wide variety of text mining applications.
Index Terms— Text Categorization, K Nearest Neighbor classifier, One-pass clustering, document class, training data, test data, classification model
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