Secure Transmission of Patient Physiological Information in Point of Care System
Abstract: With an increase in the population of aged people with health issues, nowadays the significance of ECG based remote patient monitoring system as a point of care (PoC) application in the hospitals is getting increased. Patient ECG signal and other physiological information like body temperature, blood pressure, and glucose level, etc., collected by the body sensor networks will be transmitted to the central hospital servers. After processing this information, the system sends the alerts to the doctors if any abnormal condition arises. The major problem with this scenario is, the confidentiality of these information must be potted while the transmission over public channel and storing in the hospital servers. In this paper, an ECG steganography based cryptographic technique is proposed to preserve the confidentiality of the information. The proposed algorithm conceals the encrypted patients’ information in the ECG signal without affecting the quality of that signal. It uses the cryptography and ECG steganography techniques to preserve the confidentiality of the patients’ information. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is evaluated by comparing with the existing algorithms. It is proved that the proposed algorithm is more secure with high processing speed and low distortion of data and host ECG signal.
Index Terms — Point of care system, ECG, cryptography, wavelet, confidentiality, steganography
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