Smart Sensor Configuration for Security System Automation Using FPGA
Abstract--- Automation in industrial control and monitoring systems plays a vital role in maintaining smooth work environment and handling perilous situation that may occur in work area. The available systems mostly use physical cables for signal transfer between the sensors and the control system. These systems have some significant problems such as the cable installation and maintenance costs associated with moving and replacement of cables during machinery maintenance, configuration and re-configuration. While the technological evolution of sensors is reflected in sensors getting smart, small, light weight, and cheapest, another key development is taking place in the sensors industry in the growth of wireless sensor use in industrial applications. The proposed wireless sensor-based controls provide industry attention in order to reduce costs, better power management and ease in maintenance. Wireless sensors have been successfully implemented in many industrial applications because of its performance, monitoring, security development and control the sensor system etc.
Index Terms — Temperature sensor, Turbidity sensor, light detecting resistors, GSM Wireless Module.
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