EETA: Enhancing and estimating the transformation of attacks in android application
ABSTRACT: Android app security plays a major role in the entire mobile development industry. We tend to evaluate the industrial mobile anti-malware merchandise for Android and take a look at however resistant they're against numerous common obfuscation techniques (even with identified malware). Such an evaluation ensure out there defense against mobile malware threats, however conjointly proposing effective, next-generation solutions. We tend to use DroidChameleon, a systematic framework with numerous transformation techniques is used for enhancing and evaluating the attacks. The majority of the existing tools will is trivially defeated by applying slight transformation over identified malware with very little effort for malware developers. Finally, in light-weight of our results, we tend to propose potential remedies for up this state of malware detection on mobile devices.
Index Terms— Android App security, Antimalware, Transformation attacks
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